Our products

All natural products, without the addition of preservatives and/or additives!

Every step of production is strictly adhered to and monitored by traditional methods respectful of both tradition and the most recent and strict sanitation standards. All our products are completely natural, without the addition of preservatives and / or additives, as well as all the ingredients come from our company, since milk, tasty and healthy, comes from our selected cattle.

Traditional agriculture

Controlled farms

Only milk from our own production

Artisan cheeses, real specialties

Presidio SlowFood ®

We defend the true food and promote the right to pleasure for all

"Slow Food is a major international non-profit association committed to give the right value to food, in respect of those who produce, in harmony with environment and ecosystems, thanks to the knowledge of which they are custodians territories and local traditions. Every day Slow Food works 150 countries to promote healthy good, clean and fair for everyone. "

Fairs and Events

A selection of organized events and participation in trade fairs and exhibitions

Stand espositivo EXPO - Milano

Milano | 20-26 July,2015

Cheese di Bra

BRA (Cuneo) | 18-21 September,2015
BRA (Cuneo) | 20-23 September,2013
BRA (Cuneo) | 16-19 September,2011

Salone del Gusto di Torino

Torino | 23-27 October, 2014
Torino | 25-29 October, 2012

Fiera di Montichiari

Montichiari | 27-29 March, 2015